Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh the fun the we have

Ebie has for sure hit the terrible 2's. Her attitude is fine but she is getting into EVERYTHING! Nothing is out of her reach and if it takes a chair and her stepping stool she will get what she wants. This month has been the worst though. It started with her writing on herself with marker's...almost everyday because at that point the marker's were within her reach (they along with all other writing tools are now put safely away) Then she found the permanent marker and wrote on everything from my light colored kitchen cupboards, to every wall she could get to and everything in between. Then the worst came when she started to get into our hall cupboards(which have all our bathroom needs in them) and use a full thing of night cream to "wash her hair". I COULD not get it out of her HAIR! The shampoo wouldn't even lather....I had to comb the bulk of it our and try to rub in the rest. She had greasy hair for 2 days. Then just when the marker marks on her body had faded and the night cream was finally out of her hair she used a full bottle of liquid foundation to "wash her hair" with and also wash my hallway floor with and if that didn't look pretty enough she applied pretty mascara all over her face and body. The very next morning she found some body butter to "wash her hair" with. Ugh

BUT the best is when Ebie locked herself in our van while it was still running and then couldn't open the door....long story short we didn't have a spare key, my cell phone was in the van with Ebie, and I didnt want to leave her alone to go ask the neighbor's to use there I broke the window.

body butter

liquid foundation and mascara

night cream

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New baby news..

So I had my blood work done and also an "official" ultrasound done to see when exactly I was due.

Eben and I had somewhat decided before I went to the doc's that I was due around the end of June or first part of July. When I went for my first check up the doc sayed the baby was due May 27th because of the size of the baby ect. The "official" ultrasound is now saying I am due June 21st. Closer to when we had first thought. I don't mind not being as far along because I feel like there i so much to get done so this actually gives me almost another month to prepare and get my more completed (we are in the middle of a remodel)

In other news I did have an abnormal blood screening for down syndrome. More tests will be done and it should be all figured out by the end of the month. This does not scare me one bit. I do get a little scared over my family's and extended families reaction to the news. I don't see a need to bring it up at this time. I do ask for your prayer's that the baby will be healthy and happy.

Still no word on what we are having so I guess we will have to waite another month for that.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's not so bad after all

I'm sure it's a mixture of hormones/being sick/overworked/and having my kids sick that has made me feel picked on...but that was how I really felt(WAS being the key word).
I made dinner which I guess didn't agree with Miss Ebie and she began to throw up..everywhere. I thought "this is it...I have to leave I have to get away" then a small and adorable little voice sayed "eww disgusting" I looked to see my little girl all covered and I felt for her. I smiled and chuckled and repeated what she sayed which made her smile and repeat it again looking down at her soiled shirt. I washed her off and then made a warm lavender bath with bubbles. She splashed and played with the bubbles and she didn't cry ( the best part of it all). I got her out put on her soft lotion, combed what hair she does have and put some eucalyptus all over her back, chest, feet, and head. She was in heaven and truth be known so was I. I decided the dinner mess could Wait and I called the boys in for a equally refreshing bath. They were so happy and calm. I gave each one of them the rub down with lotion and eucalyptus oil. And when it was all sayed and done I had 4 bathed, happy kids snug in there robes and pj's all sitting by the heater and just...being content. It was then that I knew my life was not so bad. That I needed to make myself happy and comfort myself in the wonderful surroundings of my home and family.

Being a mom isn't the most glamours job but it sure the most rewarding. I am thankful for all of my blessing and more thankful for the chances to see how lucky I really am to be a wife and mother.


I cant take it anymore. Yep I sayed it. I can no longer "do everything".

I have been SO icky sick and more often than not I can't even seem to peel myself of of my bed long enough to get anything done around the house. Laundry piles up, dishes over flow and take up my counter's and toys and books have found every spare spot in my house.

In a desperate attempt to ask for help I broke down and asked my 4 hour husband (I get 4 hours of eben before he falls asleep) if he could possibly help me. He of course sayed yes and we began to plan out ways he could help around the house. Right off the bat he sayes he can now do ALL of the laundry....I laughed and sayed lets start small (he has never done a load of laundry since we have been married...9 years) I asked if he could do the dishes everyday, I also sayed it would help alot if he put his laundry in the laundry hamper (he has a thing with taking off his socks wherever and then hiding them so I wont get mad and tell him to put them in the laundry) I sayed it would also help if you threw your garbage in the actual trash and not shove candy wrapper's and other goodies under the bed, in the couch, and of course the classic...the cupboards??? He agreed to this all and feeling like I had asked him to save the world he sayed "is that enough" this kinda made me mad and I sayed well you could help with dinner. 2 nights a week I thought it he could either pick something up or make something. He agreed and that night he got to work doing the dishes and putting his dirty laundry in the hamper. It was all down hill from there. He did do the dishes...whenever he got around to them or when I asked him to do them. He slowly began leaving his laundry wherever again and he never did attempt to throw his garbage away....and no meals were made or planned. 2 weeks later and 3 dish loads behind ...defeated and annoyed I took back my dishes and assumed my position as "maid".

I'm completely fine doing any kind of house work and I actually enjoy making things look nice. But at this point I can only do so much. Today as my wee ones are all in the middle of being sick with a nasty cold, Ebie, with tear covered eyes put her little arms out and sayed "hold you"? I just cried and picked her up. Where was someone to pick me up and "hold me" and make everything better. Who knew growing up would mean you would no longer have comfort and help when you needed it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Playing photographer

Trinity and Angie

Liza and Kords Sampler

Christmas was wonderful

Leatham Christmas party

Christmas morning

Christmas Eve

-Christmas Eve-
We had everyone on my moms side(Andersons)except for my cousin Mandy. We had fun eating and joking around and of course watching the kids open there presents was a hoot! We let the kids open one gift (picked by me) which happened to be a new set of pj's and a robe for each of the kids. They went crazy and loved how soft everything was. We finished putting the boys gifts from gramma Val together and we watched movies. Santa was up pretty late making sure everything was just right for the next morning.
-Christmas day-
The kids woke up around 9ish (it was a good idea to let them stay up late the night before) and they ran for the presents. They each received 2 gifts from mom and dad (1 clothes, and 2 there big gifts)Everything the kids got had lots of pieces which is really nice because they don't get bored. We put together everything and then we had to go over the Leathams for some yummy dinner. Then back home for some more family time....what a nice change compared to the last years of running from place to place.
-Leatham Christmas party-
Everyone showed up to this awesome party! it was at the church so there was plenty of room. We ate and talked and then it was time for the Nativity was WAY too CUTE! All the kids did so good and no one was grumpy. Then it was time for our gift exchange. The theme was "something you either made or something you already had" everyone did so well and made such cute things.