Friday, November 28, 2008

Very Thankful...

This Thanksgiving I cant even explain just how grateful I truely am. I couldn't even ask for more than I have.

About 4 or 5 weeks ago we found out we were having a new baby and we could not be more excited about it. We are getting to have quite a big family and even with the 4 kids people actually looked at us as circus freaks anytime we were out of Utah, so when we found out that number 5 was on it's way we were a little scared of people's reactions. But we were pleasantly suprised when people found joy in our new baby. I usually have a miscarriage before I can carry full term and I was a little scared to tell anyone that we were exspectng but I really had a peaceful feeling about everything and I was too excited not to tell everyone I could so we went for it and sent out a mass picture message to family and friends telling them we were going to have another baby.

Well 3 weeks ago I began to cramp alot and bleed. I knew what was happening but I couldn't bare tell anyone but Eben. I wanted my baby so bad and I wasn't going to let it be all gone just like that. After a week of misery and pain the bleeding stopped. I still had morning sickness and I "felt pregnant" but in the back of my mind I knew it probly wasn't possible. I made an appointment with the doctor to see if he could do an ultrasound but they couldn't get me in until the 28th....a very long ways away. As the weeks past I still had morning sickness and still didn't really want to talk to anyone about it. Today is the 28th and I did have an ultrasound.....And my perfect baby was there clear as day...kicking, and moving. I just cried. I could have watched it all day long. Taitum was there also because he had to have a check up so he got to see his new brother or sister and he even showed the doctor where the legs and arms were. My placenta is in the wrong place at this point and it was causing all the cramping and bleeding. What a relief! He actually bumped my due date from the end of June to the end of May. I have 6 weeks until I can see the sex of the baby.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jacks in my fridge!

These are the things that make my day worth it. I dont know who put Jack in the fridge but there he was this afternoon when I went to make lunch for the kids.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something old and something new

On Sunday Eben and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. Wow?!? Who knew we would make it this In the beginning I for sure had little faith in our relateionship, but oh how the tables have turned.

10 reason's I love being married to Eben
1. He always makes sure I have some kind of special treat each day
2. I can make him to all my phone calling (I hate talking on the phone)
3. He is a wonderfully amazing and understanding dad to our kids.
4. He knows how to fix everything.
5. He will watch my "stupid" shows with me even though he is hating every minute.
6. He pretends like he cares even if he doesn't :)
7. He excepts my flaws and tries to make me except them too.
8. Sometimes he suprises me and will sweep, or do the dishes.
9. He is the most handsome thing I have ever seen.
10. His laugh is so silly that it will make me laugh even if Im really mad.

In the beginning we went all out for our anniversary but for the last 2 years we have been in some foreign lands (Idaho and much more foreign can you get) with no babysitter's. So we had to find the simple joy in renting a movie and watching it with the kids. This year we are not in a foreign land but quite comfortable and very excited about renting a movie with the kids and having a nice quiet evening at home.

Our Anniversary landed on Sunday so we took a long quiet drive in the mountains looking for deer and enjoying the sounds of the kids singing churh songs (ebie included) we then broke the rules and went out to eat. Then we came home to show the kids mommy and daddy's gift to each other. A flat screen big ol' TV. Im not a huge fan and we dont have the money for it but eben's boss gave us a slammin deal and we have a charge account :) Plus Im shacking up with the manager...that has to count for something right ;)

The kids went crazy! What an exciting event at the Leatham home. We have went with out a TV for a long time now so the kids had fun looking through the channels and deciding what they were going to watch. After that we put in our new movie "Indianna Jones" that simply blew the kids minds. So all in all we had the best time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween pictures...finally

It's taken me awhile but I finally got the Halloween pictures off of my camera.

We had SO much fun this Halloween! It was such nice weather! We just strolled around the neighborhood and then we went to the ward party...which is always interesting. We weren't really planning on going this year but the kids really wanted to go.
Ebie was Rainbow Brite this year....please say you all know who Rainbow Brite is? Cause there were SO many people who didn't??!? The ones who did know who she was went crazy over Ebie's costume which was nice...that was the plan :) I made up the costume the night before and did the finishing touches Halloween day. It didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to...but I was happy that it actually worked out I had no pattern to go on and I got stumped alot.
Taitum was a monkey(monkey George actually)
Joshua was a vampire and looked really cute his costume was SO much easier than Ebie's.
Kamryn was sadly Darth Vader, he had wanted to be Indiana Jones but we never got up north to get him an outfit...poor guy

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Workin Hard for the Money

So somehow I payed all my bills and I still have money for food shopping! This new job of Eben's is working out really well. When Eben started doing Cable Contracting he was making alot of money and we knew if we didn't put all our money towards bills that we would have nothing to show for it. So we spent all our money getting out of debt. We did good and are pretty well debt free(besides our house) which has been a HUGE blessing. During the summer we really wanted to stay in Fillmore and not travel around so much, so Eben took a very small paying job (like $8 an hour) and that hardly payed our house payment so we got a little behind on bills and made new ones with Josh going into the hospital for 2 days, the kids with there teeth, and doing a little fixing up around the house. So we have bills again but I payed our payments and still have money for food!....which is huge. I am so grateful for Eben's new job. He isn't home very much but I know it's all worth it to have him in the same state as us. Plus we are able to go to work with him so it's not bad.

In other news I have plans to have a "second loved Christmas" this year. The requirements on a "second loved Christmas" are that any gift you give or receive needs to be something someone has made, something they love and are now passing along to someone else who will love it also, or just a story of when they were little(some things they enjoyed, a funny story, anything they want someone to know about them)

Im pretty excited and I hope everyone who plans on getting us gifts this year will decide to do this and also pass along the idea to friends and family members. Everyone has far to many "things" and I wanna get away from the stress of spending so much money every Christmas. Everyone is having a rough year and Christmas is a time for celebration not stress and greed.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feeling very Christmas-E

I seemed to have skiped over Thanksgiving this year. Although I am very grateful for alot things this year I have skipped over Thanksgiving in my mind.

Im ready for the snow, the shopping and of course the wonderful christmas music (my favorite thing during the holidays). I have started on my handmade Christmas gifts and even started to de-tangle our poor Christmas lights that were so rudely gathered in a pile and thrown in a box. Right now I'm listening to a Christmas CD eben got free from his order to seagul book for the store....I love free things :)

In other news I finally have a free day with my kids! Im SO excited! Most weekends we are running around or someone asks them to play. This weekend they are completly free to be with me. Suprisingly Joshy has chose to play "school"??? oh well

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trying something new

Even though I'm a long time blogger on myspace I felt like I needed a "more grown up" blog. So here I am on blogspot thinking I'm not sure if I like this place and thinking....I'm much to old to be learning new things :)

But what the hay why not give it a try!