Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's June

Or I should say the end of June :)

Anyone remember my "2010 goals"? Well its time to do a quick update on how I have been doing with them:
1-WEIGHT GOAL- Well I would Love to say I have lost 30lbs but I haven't yet. I joined a weight loss group and did pretty good with it and ended up being "the biggest loser" but I have pretty much gained it all back after having a love affair with food for the last month...but I am back on the wagon and ready to try losing some more lbs.
2-HAPPY FAMILY- I think we are a work in progress but I do feel like we all have been making a big effort to be a happier family :)
3-BETTER HEALTH Still working on this one...I'm pretty sure this is the one goal that I have worked on the least.
4-BLOG- this is the one goal I have worked on the least. I just don't want to blog! I really hate blogging, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read everyone else and even get a little annoyed when no one has blogged in awhile(total hypocrite)
5-TAKE MORE PICTURES I have really been doing quite well with taking pictures, I have really enjoyed getting back into taking pictures for fun. I have even made another goal to take a picture everyday of my 27th year of life(my 27th birthday was in May).
6-SCHEDULE Yep, I got one :) And can I just say how helpful a schedule is? I'm sure I could work on it more.
7-BE A BETTER FRIEND- This one I have really worked on the most. I hope I can keep doing better and helping my friends out as much as they help me and be there when they need me. I really value my friends and I have been really blessed with getting to know them again.
8-GET-R-DONE- This one pretty much goes with the "schedule goal", I find when I get things done ahead of time my schedule works out so much better. I really love not being such a procrastinator.
9-TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT-I would like to do more with this goal, I guess I have kind of kept up with it but I would like to try more things.
10-COWBOYS AND PRINCESS'- Well my girls have the "princess" part down to an art(specially "Princess Ebie-cup") and the boys are learning to be better "cowboys". I have been working with them on manner's and also working harder and more efficiently.

All in all my goals are working out pretty well. In May I decided since my favorite number (in the whole world) is "27" and since I was turning 27 I thought I better make the best of my year so I have tried to live my days enjoying life. My first thoughts were to go on trips and sleep in every morning, but reality sunk in and I went simple. So if my day is going bad I take a few minute's and try to think of some way I can turn the day around and other than some really really bad days I have been successful in making each day a pretty good one. I have enjoyed my kids so much more and really taken the time to get to know them and also to work with them to be better in so many ways.

I am really thankful for 2010, in some ways its been very hard, but I feel like so far this has been one of my more successful years of life.

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Erin Shakespear said...

Go you! Those are some great goals. I really need to work on finding ways to make my days better, too. Oy. It's just hard being mom to 5 little ones, right? They can just suck it out of you some days and then others, they are the biggest joys. I just need to concentrate on the joy part.

Sure miss you. :)