Thursday, April 30, 2009

growing a potty...

Taitum (my 4 year old) ask me today when Ebie was going to grow a potty? Me not really knowing what he was asking(he asks alot of questions daily..that really have no purpose and no way of answering)I just sayed "i dunno son" and went on with what I was doing. He looked very puzzled and then sayed "but mom if she doesn't have a potty how will she go camping?". Now at this point I am really trying to understand what he is asking. So I made him start over, "what did you ask me?" he repeated that he wants to know when Ebie will grow a potty? Then is hit me, since we dont really use a particular name for "girl and boy" parts the most used would be "potty". I really never thought about having to explain what makes girls and boys different, after all sharing one bathroom often leaves kids running in and out while eben and I are showering and even using the bathroom. But I guess we skipped that part. I quickly gave Taitum a run down on why girls and boys were different and tried to explain that Ebie will never grow a "potty". lol

Something worth living for

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bloggity mash up

With a new zest for procrastination I have fallen behind on my blogging. I still haven't even blogged about Ebie's 2nd Birthday which was the 18th of February. (but you wont see that post anytime soon because all of her birthday pictures are downloaded to our other very very slow computer.

What a nice Easter was had! It has been one of the best in our history with kids. Very layed back very organized and very very fun! The kids made bank on fun Easter stuff. That was probably the best part...eating candy and playing with new crayons, little toys and bubbles. Life just doesn't get much better :) And the Easter eggs hunt was a hoot to watch! Ebie was shocked and so excited when she would find an egg or a treat. And Taitum was to busy making sure his brother and his parents saw every single thing he found. And the older boys were in total race mode trying to gather up all there goodies as fast as they could.

Now that the kids are older I decided they needed to have a day to themselves with just there mom and dad. So Josh was first this year, he had a fun little party at the pod with all his friends...and that was a site to see...a bunch on 1st graders trying to skate (most for the first time) they crashed over and over and into each other and I knew that there was no way the party would end without some major damage done to 1 or more of those kids. But low and behold somehow they all crashed and burned and no broken bones or tears shed. They all had alot of fun and most importantly Josh was totally thrilled. After the clean up we went home to check out his loot (because if you have ever been to any kind of little kid party you know there is a mad dash to open all the presents and try to guard them all from your all the kids spoiled Josh, he got some really fun things to play with. Then it was time for a small family party.
Two days later Josh and me headed up north brite and early to go to some yard sales (which were totally not worth anything) because Josh had money burning a hole in his pocket and it was killing him. After not finding much of anything we went to Kid to Kid to get some new clothes for him. He went crazy! If you know Josh you know that he is content with the little things in life, give him something green or a polar bear and he is done. So after finding a few shirts he liked and a pair of shoes he began to find things for his brother's and sisters...luckly everything he was picking out was actually very cute stuff so I told him to get whatever he wanted. Then it was off to my sister-in-laws baby shower. After that I was pretty much done and in alot of pain but not wanting to ruin Josh's day we headed off to Build a bear. For some reason they didn't have a polar bear...ugh so Josh proclaimed he would just get a light colored bear and pretend like it was a dirty polar bear :) He had a blast making his bear which he named "buildy" clever ;) Then came the hard part..picking out the clothes. They are really quite pricey and I told Josh he had to look through all the clothes and then pick 1 outfit and after that he could get another outfit with his own money. After dressing his new bear he picked out a Jazz outfit and an igloo for his bear to live in. He asked me to help him count his money and after paying for the Jazz uniform and the igloo he would only have a dollar left he quickly grabbed everything out of my hands and sayed "I'm not paying for that! what a rip off!" lol We left with Buildy and one outfit..all payed for by MOM :) We then got his pictures taken and then Josh just had to look around the mall (to which I agreed but really just wanted to cry). Then off to Target where we hit the mother load! The dollar section just threw Josh for a complete loop! So much to buy and so little money :) He kept grabbing stuff and then recounting everything to make sure he wasn't going over his budget. I heard "don't over spend" "don't over spend" quite a few times and alot of "oh COOL!" "WOWZA". After he had finally decided what he wanted for sure we started to leave and then he saw it....the garden section! He screamed in delight! "I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A GARDENER!" he quickly went to town picking seeds, little planters, gloves, etc. My favorite purchases were the little garden gnome in which he exclaimed "A GARDEN GNOME! I HAVE TO HAVE A GARDEN GNOME!" and a book called "gardening for dummies". He was in heaven, and so was I. He had to look around the store but the whole time he just kept jumping up and down telling me how excited he was to have a garden and that now when someone asks him what his does..he can tell them he is a
Our day together was so much fun and I really got to know Josh better and really got to enjoy his personality. He is such a special kid I am SO lucky to have him :)He kept saying how that was the best day of his life.

I recently went to a doctors appointment in which he officially decided my due date was off. Which makes more sense to me according to the time line in which I have felt the baby move, the way I feel at curtain points of my pregnancy,etc. He told me the end of May (which we had first figured on) and then I added 2 weeks (cause I always seem to go over about that much) and so we are thinking around the second week of June. I am super excited and also a little scared to think of the lack of time I have to get my house in order. I do not want to be having to worry about my house when I have a new baby to hold and cherish. I'm kinda riding the fence on whether I will deliver at the hospital or at home. I want to deliver at home for sure, but with our new insurance it's actually cheaper to have a baby at the hospital and since I have had such horrible complications this time around it makes me nervous to have anything go wrong at home not because I don't think my midwife can't handle anything that comes along but more so about what kind of flack I will get from people saying "see you shouldn't have your baby at home". So I guess it's just a waiting game. Something I will have to keep praying about and see how I feel when the time comes.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Okey I am a huge fan of doing laundry (I know I'm weird...but does it help that I really hate putting my clothes away?) I use alot of different products when I am washing(spray and wash, oxy clean, borax, bleach, color safe bleach, etc.) and I cant let a piece of clothing go through the wash without having every stain taken care of.
BUT! I need advice on my bed sheets and also my whites. I use the recommended amount of bleach in the wash cycle with my whites but they never look "white" and I just bought some new white sheets thinking they would be so easy to take care of(after all hotels have white sheets all the time)but for some reason they are looking all yucky looking and every stain shows up even if I use spray and wash and use bleach.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? Please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

doin what I like to do

After my little "brush with death" I have really thought about whats important to me and what I really need to work on. Being a mom is the #1 right now. I haven't even picked up my camera since I went to the hospital. I just wanted everything to stay simple (if that makes sense?) But I have gotten a few calls about doing wedding photography. I have decided maybe weddings are a little much for me but I have decided to do engagement and bridal pics (that way if I mess up they still have time to go have other pictures taken) I wasn't sure I even wanted to do any kinda of photography anymore, so I decided to just do pictures for free...why should someone have to pay me to do what I like to do?

Today I awoke to more snow(of course) which made me nervous because I was supposed to be taking engagement photo's for Christa and Tyler. I hoped that the snow would stop...but no luck. We decided to just go ahead and take some pictures. I had so much fun! I did go a little blank when it came to doing poses but it turned out good. I was so happy that they were both so understanding and so willing to enjoy our photo session. here's a little sampler.