Friday, July 22, 2011

It's a......

BABY! :)

Gender Maker: First test turned purple...yep PURPLE! The test includes a color graph starting with either a light pink or blue and both sides fade off into being annoyed I wrote the company and told them of my situation and that I wasn't satisfied. They emailed back quickly and said a "purple" indicates a boy. Which is fine except the girls color graph also faded into purple too and the purple was similar to the "girl" purple, rather than the "boy" purple. They sent another test :) Second test quickly showed a dark blue, indicating that "It's a boy". Conclusion:BOY twice.

Chinese Calendar: 5 sites were used 2 saying boy and 3 saying girl. Conclusion: GIRL

Wedding ring: I did this test 3 times, I didn't tell my husband what either way meant. Conclusion: GIRL

Drano: Conclusion: GIRL

Red Cabbage: Conclusion: GIRL
I also found some more test:

Baking Soda test: You collect your morning urine and mix it with a spoon full of baking soda and if it foams like beer its a boy, and if it stayes the same it's a girl. Conclusion: All 3 times it was a BOY

Baby's heartbeat: Slower means boy and faster means Girl. Conclusion: BOY

Sweet or Sour: If you are craving sweets it's a girl, and sours its a Boy. Conclusion: GIRL

Hair line: This site you actually have to go check out. This test involves the hair line of your previous child. I checked each child and sure enough they all went in the order of their hair line. Conclusion: GIRL Check out the link here

*I was going to include picture of each test for reference purposes but decided I didn't want to look at my Urine and figured no one else did either. But most Urine based test can be googled and you can either see pictures of other people's results or see video's of other's women's results (I was super jealous of the women who took the gender maker test and they immediately got a cute blue color or cute pink color...I got purple and bluish purple :(

Out of the 8 tests GIRL was the most common, BUT I was really looking forward to the Ultrasound. Ultrasounds can be wrong and the only real way of knowing what your having is to wait the 9 months and see what pops out.

ULTRASOUND: We had our technician put a girl or boy card in an envelope, we took it home and after our kids came back from a Cousin camp at Gramma Leathams they opened it. They all were excited and as you can see It's a GIRL!

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Anonymous said...

What a GREAT post! Love the pictures of them holding up the paper!! Now just need to figure out on a name:)