Thursday, February 24, 2011

who's this chick?

Name: Crystal Lynn
Birthday: May 26, 1983

What would you do if you had a Million dollars?
I wouldn't tell anyone. I would anonymously pay family and friends mortgages off. I would buy new cars for people and leave them parked in their drive ways with a big bow and a note that sayed "zoom zoom" lol I would build the perfect house :) I would travel the world. I would hire a freakin maid :) I would spend my days playing with my kids.

What do you look at on the Internet?
facebook :) and I stalk a bunch of blogs about arts and crafts and then I throw a pity party because I am such a loser mom who spends her free time stalking blogs about people who actually do crafts instead of doing my own. And the rest of the time I usually try to learn something new about health and about midwifery.

What have been your best buys for 2011?
Plain White T's tickets, 5 pairs of shoes for my family and myself at the D.I. (yes I washed and scrubbed them), a package of cool mint oreo's, an Ikea mattress for my girls, some clearance lip gloss that has peppermint oil in it, and asparagus :)

Whats a secret that you are embarrassed to tell people?
That even after trying to "re-populate the earth" with our 5 kids, we are actually trying to conceive. shhh please don't tell the haters

If you were to choose a new name for yourself what would it be?
Thats really tough to decide. I think I would want a really weird name, something no one else had like September. Or a Hippie name like Willow. I don't really know, thats actually a really hard question to answer.

Why don't you blog?
Lazy maybe? I just really hate blogging now. But I will admit that I do blog in my head alot, specially while doing laundry. I am thinking soon they will have a machine that reads your mind, and when that happens I will have new posts ALL the time

Why are you asking yourself weird questions and then answering yourself?
boredom, needed a happy blog post, in a very weird mood, and I actually do this quite often....what a weirdo eh?


Nolan and Chelsey said...

Ha ha! I love your blog posts! They make me smile!

elizabeth said...

I love your header is so cute!