Sunday, February 20, 2011

my mom bucket list -2002-

I ran across a journal entry about things I either wanted to do with my kids, or things I wanted my kids to have...over all goals for them.

*I wanted them to grow up on a farm, an old broken down farm that they could fix up. Spend their summer's getting lost on the farm having wonderful adventures.
*I wanted to travel around the world with them. Take them to new places.
*I wanted them to be home schooled, and learn at their own pace. I would give them all the tools they needed to learn and be there when they had questions and never miss an opportunity to teach them something new.
*I never wanted to spank my kids. I knew there had to be a better way to get a point across.
*I wanted to spend my nights reading books to the kids and listening to Eben play the guitar.
*I wanted each of my kids to earn there own money for their first car, or I wanted them to fix up their own car.
*I really wanted my kids to be happy, healthy and be well behaved.

Those were my goals. I love each one of them and wish I would have already full filled most of them by now. It seems so odd to think that I have very few years with my oldest, who was 2 at the time when my "bucket list" was written. Time has just slipped away from me. I think it may be time for a new bucket list. Although it seems so sad to look at this old one. My dreams are still the same but just not possible.

I am so lucky to be a mom. Some days I let the good things about being a mom slip away. And more days than not I spend my day cleaning, and running here and there and forget to actually spend time with my kids.

Maybe I need some goals. A month to month guide to get me back to being a full time mom, instead of being a full time maid/taxi driver/babysitter. I can truly say I have gotten off the beaten path.

I am thankful for these reality checks. The one's that make you wonder "what was I thinking?"

Onwards and upwards :)


Signe said...

Agreed with the time slipping away and trying to enojy each moment. But those goals wow talk about aiming high!

morgan said...

loved this post and your bucket list! you are amazing, and truly inspiring. i don't do half of what you can and i only have one! keep inspiring us! :)

crystal said...

Morgan, although I am flattered...I really have you fooled :) I guess if you can't make it fake it eh :)

Signe I do realize that most of the goals I had were completely out of range...specially the one about Eben playing the guitar at night (snicker snicker)