Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready or not....welcome 2010

For whatever reason we all either think about a New Years resolution or make one...or a few.

This year I am really going to keep close tabs on myself so I can finally accomplish my New Years Resolution(s)

When I think of a resolution I think of accomplishing something or in my case thinking of something wonderful to do before the next year comes around only to find myself dreading a quick look back in my journal to see nothing I had set out to do has been done.

Well this year I hope to make some reasonable goals to which I will post for all to see and please my blog readers(few as they may be) you keep on me.

1- A WEIGHT GOAL- I know, this is forever everyone goal but I am sticking it out there anyways. 30lbs lighter by 2011
2- HAPPY FAMILY- I honestly want to work on my family life, I want my kids and myself to be happy to come home from wherever they may have been. I want my kids to have a better understanding of our Heavenly Father and his plans and goals for us here on earth. I want my kids to keep journals through out there year to which they have to write in every Sunday.
3- HEALTH- it has taken a back seat for about 4 years now. We eat far to much junk and its time to get back to simple eating and for me...not as much eating and for my wee ones more eating.
4- BLOG - I cant honestly say I "need" a blog or two but I sure do want them. I want one for my everyday run of the mill, don't want to write n my journal, good reads for the posterity good ol' blog. And another for my photography which I love.
5- TAKE MORE PICTURES- That in itself may sound funny coming from me but I find my self looking for "the right shot" instead of logging my kids growing up. I also have become way to self conchious carrying around a camera because I am afraid I will be mocked (I know I am weird)
6- SCHEDULE- oh my goodness do I NEED a schedule!
7- BEING A BETTER FRIEND- I have pushed my friends to the side for way to long, its time to make it known that I love and value them. My excuse before was always that I was simply overwhelmed with my own life that I didn't want to flake out on them. That is simply not going to do this year. I may not have an active role in there life's but I want them to feel the Love I have for them and for them to be able to rely on me
8- "GET-R-DONE"- I have a great love for procrastination and its just NOT working in my life. It causes me stress and disappointment in my life constantly. I am here by taking a stand that my birthday gifts, cards and anything else I my need will be bought, made(with love ;), and wrapped the month before it needs to be.
9- TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT- I am going to try something new every month.
10- COWBOYS AND PRINCESSES- growing up I wanted my boys to be cowboys(whatever I pictured a "cowboy" being) and I wanted my girls to be princesses. So this year I am going to make sure I really look back and reflect what I want my kids to "be" in that I am talking about the way they act and feel. I want my cowboys to be tough but also know how to treat a lady, I want my girls to know that they are special, and that even though they are special they still have responsibilities to be gentle and kind to other's.

Now that being said I need a little freedom with these goals or else I will never go through with them. I am going to make little goals or ideas to use every week to accomplish my goals. Then at the "half way mark" (I am picking sometime in June) I am going to repost my goals and how they have helped my life, and if I have been slacking.

Wish me luck, and have a wonderful 2010!


Marchelle Wyatt said...

Those are things that I really need to do as well!! You are such a great example! Thanks for the inspiration and for being brave. I need to get that way too. I have wrote them in my journal, but like you said I have no accountability. You are do it!! LOL, there is my cheer for you. But really I love these goals. I might use a few! lol

SigneL said...

Wow, very ambitious. And some great ideas.

Brown Kiddies said...

Crystal Lynn, you're so great. Good luck, and I will be keeping tabs on you.