Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ebrie Lily Leatham is finally here!
Date- June 14th 2009
Time- 8:20 p.m.
Weight- 7lbs 10oz
Length- 20 1/2 inches

I made it! finally she is here! And boy do we just love her! She somehow came out with dark black hair and brown eyes...?? I dunno? She is bigger than all of my baby's and even though I came well prepared with an adorable "daddy's girl" preemie outfit we had to go home in an over sized outfit picked out quickly by her dad after finding that the preemie outfit only came to her knee :)

The birth went well. After contracting for a week or so and being woke up in the middle of the night with labor pains...I called my midwife and she came down Sunday afternoon to start me. Everything was going good and by 2:00 p.m. I was in full blown labor. I had every intention on staying home and laboring in my quiet little house and having the "most amazing" well planned birth ever I chicken out and began to have a full blown panic attack when I reached 6 or 7 cm and realized "I cant do this". I called it quites and rushed to the hospital for my "drugs". Eben had called ahead and made sure that the guy from Fillmore was here to give me an epidural and I wouldn't have to wait for the guy from Delta to get here. I walked in and straight to the birthing room and tried to stay calm as I quickly realized it might be to late and not only was stuck at the hospital but I was going to have to go through all the pain of giving birth to a baby naturally again. My midwife came to the hospital to give me support and as an hour passed I knew time was getting close but I was determined to get that relief before I had to push a baby out. Finally the epidural guy got there (the Fillmore guy ended up being out of town for dinner so I was waiting for the other guy to get there from delta) he quickly "hooked me up" with a wonderful pain numbing dose. I could finally bare to live again...I was really at the point of thinking I would rather From there I sat comfy cozy in my bed waiting for the doctor to get there and when he did he checked me and sayed "it's time" I'll go get dressed. I felt the epidural wearing off and I would have liked another dose I decided to buck up and get this done. When the doc got his scrubs on I got to work giving my best pushes to get baby Lily out. But one of my worst fears showed it's ugly face when she decided to come face up(all of my kids have come that way except for Ebie) my pelvis has issues and as she was making her was out she was stuck. I knew I didn't want a c-section so I gave it my all for 45 minutes and had my dose changed so I could really feel what I was supposed to be doing. Finally she came out...lookin like a MOOSE! She looked alot bigger than she was but still! Everything went well and she was in great health.

I really enjoyed my hospital birth and my doctor and nurses were amazing and very understanding and respectful of what I wanted and didn't want. We didn't stay long and with the doctor's ok we left that night at midnight to our comfy home.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

About to pop? no...about to scream!

If I am asked one more time "if I'm going to POP" I will have to just start to scream! And that goes for "oh you poor thing", "that baby isn't here yet?" "your running out of room arn't ya", "you know what causes that dontcha(hate that one the most)", or one of the worst things....when people just laugh in pity...???

Technically I am not DUE until the 21st of June. They keep moving things around but I really haven't informed anyone about changes with my due date so why is it for the last 3 weeks I have had to put up with these questions? I know I am huge and I may look super done but that's the last thing I want to hear from people. First of all I HAVE a mirror and the simple fact that I haven't been able to fit into regular maternity clothes for the last month lets me know that I AM HUGE! So please save your "oh so clever" remarks to

I'm actually not that annoyed I just wish there was a like a group home for fat pregnant people :) somewhere you went when you got "to fat for public viewing" somewhere where other fat mother's who just want to be left alone could go. I refuse to go to the store, church, and always can find an excuse to stay in the car when we go anywhere.

Here's some belly pics we took a couple of days ago, I almost skipped over them this time around but I figured because I was having a girl she might enjoy them when she starts having kids of her own. And no I didn't somehow grow hair over night, it's just a fun little clip on thing...ebie and I like to clip it on here and there for fun. I will probably never have hair that long because I CAN NOT stand having long hair so it's fun to get to clip something in and then take it out when I'm tired of it.