Friday, February 20, 2009

I wanna be a "super shopper" when I grow up

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So I think we have all heard of those people who find coupons and then use them to save large amounts of money....well I wanna be one of those people!

Is anyone out there a "super shopper" or know of someone who is that can give me some tips on finding good deals and stretching there money?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby news

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All our tests are back and baby Leatham is happy, healthy and is a GIRL!

I found out on the 28th of January which is Eben's birthday. The doc had told me before that it looked more like a girl than a boy, so when he took another look this time he gave me a big thumbs up and sayed "start buyin Pink". I was so happy. I would have been happy either way because I have both boys and a girl now. But the thought of little Ebie having a sister close to her age made me smile. Them sharing a room, staying up late talking, playing barbie's, and of course me getting to dress them alike put a smile on my face that I had a hard time not showing to everyone.

So the plan was since it was Eben's b-day and he didn't know I went to the doc, I would somehow come up with a way to tell him in a fun way. I went the flower shop and got 30 balloons (it was his 30th b-day) and all of them were black (we tease each other all the time about being it was kinda like an over-the-hill joke) and the 30th would be PINK and say "it's a girl" or "baby girl". I was very happy with how it all turned out and how well that Pink balloon stuck out from the rest. I took them to the store (where he works) while he was on lunch break and displayed them for all to see at the front register. All the ladies from the store went crazy and gave me hugs and they all had to stay and see Eben's reaction. I went home and got Eben and took him back to work. He saw the balloons and smiled. I waited for a bit in the car wondering if I should go in or waite for him to come back out...he didn't he just went back to doing what he needed to do. I left and about 15minutes later he called and sayed "are you serious?" I guess he had seen the pink balloon and figured it was just something from He finally got it and he was super excited. The rest of the day couldn't have been any better.